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PALANTA is an online sustainable fashion rental solution for eco-conscious women and (future) moms, driven by a green community and a common goal. We know the answer to fashion waste and over-consumerism and we are all about a healthier planet and a circular economy.

You can rent out ethically made clothing via affordable fashion rental subscriptions on our platform and support renowned and eco-friendly local brands.

Let’s revolutionise women’s clothing habits and to re-educate the current fashion industry!

We  educate our conscious community about the ugly truth behind fast fashion and stimulate them to take a step towards green fashion: a conscious wardrobe focussed on sustainable production, organic materials and improved working conditions.

Let’s disrupt fashion consumerism! Refresh your wardrobe with PALANTA’s green fashion rental solution. Join our eco-events, workshops and educational talks.

Create your conscious wardrobe now with PALANTA!

Watch PALANTA documentary

Does sustainable fashion even exist? Can we be 100% sustainable? Not really, but we can always aim to do better, buy less and rent more.

Watch our documentary series about sustainable fashion, mindfulness, women- and motherhood.

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Sara | founder, Business 
& Team Development

Paloma | Brand manager
& Fashion designer

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YOU | Sustainable mind with
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Material series palanta blog

Material series

Read our in-depth research about materials and understand their environmental and social impact. How are they made and how sustainable are they? 

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mission, the story, our values, un goal logos, about slowfashion

here comes our mission – vision

CTA to blogpost – Read the full story

our values

– we support sustainable brands from the eu

– we ship with environmentally-friendly solutions

– we only ship in the NL – save the earth CO2 – we ship in countries where we have HQ – NL, HU?

UN goals with logos come here – how we support them – small explanation

Why did we decide to help planet Earth by supporting slow fashion and the circular economy?

2nd largest polluting sector

– facts with infographic – CTA to collection

pictures of team members – introduction + contacts

We are a dedicated team of


CTA to blogpost – Read the full story


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